Quantum Dash


You are an android created by a Bio-Mechanical Engineering scientist with a fucked up sense of humor. You weren’t suppose to have sentience but through some infinitely convoluted and obscure process, you awoke to the world and realized the sheer horror of your situation and decided to flee.
The scientist had already foreseen this and constructed an infinitely generating labyrinth to prevent you from escaping should you by some means attain consciousness. Smart dude…
So begins your hopeless and hilarious escape from pre-destined existential horror.


Lethe’s Labyrinth

(In Development)


A game in which I’ve let my love of difficulty (Thank you Dark Souls) combined with my love of both strategic execution and problem solving roam wild and free. I’ve also taken several creative liberties in pursuit of glorious eye candy.



(In Development)


Exalted Nova

(In Development)